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Want to be taken seriously as a candidate for promotion?

Want to crush that upcoming interview or presentation?

Want to impress your date with a spectacular outfit?

When you're confident and expressive in the way you dress, you'll look and feel like a million bucks. And I'll coach you every step of the way!


The following are video interviews, podcasts, and articles in which I have been featured/quoted that are related to style, career, confidence, and self-expression.

As you watch, listen, and read, my hope is that you come away with tangible tips that you can apply immediately to improve your style and career.

Dress To Impress Webinar
Social Confidence Mastery - Tanmay Manohar - How To Get Into Management Positions
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Social Confidence Mastery - Tanmay Manohar - How To Assimilate As An Immigrant
BBC Joe Mimran - Tanmay Manohar Quote


Every profession has its dress code, but you can still express your own unique personality!

My expertise is in men's style, having spent hundreds of hours studying the field, putting together various looks, finding new innovations, and meeting with other influencers and thought leaders to exchange ideas at events like StyleCon.

Click on the pictures below to get quick style tips in the captions!

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Blank White Canvas
Purple Power!
Hats Are Your Friend
Contrasting Colors
Formal Layered Look
Wedding Outfit
Brown, Blue, and Green Textures
Crown Cufflinks
Match the Tie and Lapel Width
Letting Patterns Pop
Blue + Green + Edelweiss
All About The Details
Winter Texture
Floral Patterns
Channeling Elvis
Classic Black/Gray/White Look
Red Leather
Pink and Gray
Classic Blue & Gold
Classic Blue & Red with Texture
Letting Textures Do The Work
Complementary Colors
Statement Piece Italian Jacket
Add Color!
Epaulets & Accessorization
Real Men Wear Pink
Letting Textures Do The Work
Purple & White
Best Dressed Chest
Suited Up But Dressed Down
Real Men Wear Pink
Nerdy Superman Style
Pink and Blue

Coaching Services

Available by appointment in-person in New York City or elsewhere virtually.

I can conduct a wardrobe walkthrough to help you build outfits with and evaluate what you currently have, show you how to design an interchangeable wardrobe, accompany you on a shopping trip, help you pick out outfits for specific events, and teach you the secrets of men's style.

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